Body Line Massage Parlor Yarraville

Body Line in Yarraville fifteen minutes south of Melbourne CBD is at the end of the semi industrial Thomas street which has an 'Office Works' on the corner as a marker.

I have visited their establishment on several occasions since moving to Melbourne. Each time has been enjoyable with no real complaints, besides the unusual ten dollar fee to see the ladies in the evening. This tenner is deducted from the fee if you choose to stay, though I'm not sure why this was implemented if they are confident that they have desirable women to choose from, which in each of my experiences they have.

On most occasions there have been at least six women to choose from, with only one visit offering only two, however, both were gorgeous and it was late afternoon so I understand.

The reception offers a discreet 'viewing room' if there are other males there, otherwise the friendly hostess has you sit right out front with her.

After the ladies introduce themselves you make your selection, you pay half the fee to the hostess and the other half to the lucky lady that gets to pamper you. I suggest bringing cash as the ATM charges a fee.

One thing I like about Body Line is that the massage actually takes place on a proper massage table, the women themselves vary in their abilities to give a decent massage, however the experience is very sexy none the less.

The base rate includes a nude oily massage and hand relief, however most ladies offer extra services, which inevitably cost more. Oral was offered between $30-$50, however most offer packages like oral and a body slide for a set price. Mind you, I'm sure if you haggle you could get a deal as it appears that extra services are at the ladies discretion.

I stayed for an hour on one occasion and had a hot tub with my host, which was relaxing, however unless I have the spare $250, thirty minutes is ample time.

  • Hand Relief - Yes (included)
  • Oral - Depends on the lady, best to ask before you select if that's what you seek ($30-50)
  • Spanish - Yes (extra)
  • Full Service Sex - Not in my experiences, nor has it been offered
  • Ladies Nude - Yes
  • Body Slides - Yes (my personal favorite, however costs extra)
  • Facilities - Pretty good
  • ATM - Yes
  • Free Mints - Yes
  • Showers - Yes
  • Bring - $110 to $200 for a really good time :)
There is always a good mix of women available. Generally there are several Asian girls as well as blonds and brunettes, the occasional black girl. Essentially the variety is always first rate, I have not left disappointed in the variety of women to choose from.


21 Thomas Street
Yarraville Vic
(Just over the West Gate)

ph 03 9314 6551

No appointment required

Open 7 days, 10am till late

BodyLine Website


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